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PHC-S Blow Out Sale - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!!

PHC-S Blow Out Sale - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!!
PHC-S Blow Out Sale - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!!

When you buy 1 PHC-S Slim Hydro Chuck you get a second free!
We have too many of the previous model PHC-S in stock and they all must go!!
Limited to in stock holders. Sizes are limited and while supplies last!
Sale ends 3/31/2020

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PHC-A Starter Kit promotion

PHC-A Starter Kit promotion
PHC-A Starter Kit promotion

Now is the time to try the PHC-A Hydro Chuck with a PHC-A Starter Kit
Get 20% off a PHC20A metric or PHC0750A standard holder for a 20mm or ¾ inch cutting tool!
BT, CAT, and HSK Shanks available.
Also, get a free PHS Collet to fit smaller cutting tools down to 3mm or 1/8 inch
Finally, get a free Hex Wrench!
Sale ends 3/31/2020

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CT-S Milling Chuck Blowout Sale up to 80% off!

CT-S Milling Chuck Blowout Sale up to 80% off!
CT-S Milling Chuck Blowout Sale up to 80% off!!

Get up to 80% off of in CT-S Milling Chucks on a first come first served basis, while supplies last.
We are running out of space in our warehouse and need to make room!
Give the best milling chuck in the industry a try with this great opportunity.

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NT Mevius ER Collet Holder

NT Mevius ER Collet Holder
New ER Collet Holder from NT Tool – Affordable, Accurate, and Easy to Use
NT Tool presents the Mevius ER Collet Holder: a multi-purpose holder that brings together the precision and extended tool life of NT Tool products with an affordably low price line. Designed for CAT40 shanks, these holders come in a variety of gauge lengths (2”, 3”, 6”), and are compatible with all standard ER16, 20, 25 and 32 collets. Whether you’re tapping or drilling, you only need to swap in the collet that fits your needs. NT even offers metal-sealed ER collets, which allow center-thru coolant use without any additional coolant caps or rings! This means you no longer need to worry about purchasing and stocking additional parts for every tool size you use – as long as you have the correct sealed collet size, coolant can be used without hassle.

Each Mevius holder comes with a black-oxide coating, which prevents rusting and ensures the holder’s accuracy is maintained throughout its life. The high accuracy of the Mevius (0.0002” at 4d) maintained over a multi-year tool life also means longer tool lives for every cutting tool you install in it. In spite of the affordable cost, the Mevius is one of the highest-quality ER collet holders available on the market. Once you’ve tried one on your machines, you’ll realize there is no substitute for the NT brand.

These holders are always in stock and ready for same-day delivery. Contact a distributor in your area to start saving today!

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PHC-S Sale

PHC-S Sale
NT USA has begun another seasonal sale - this time for their slim-bodied hydraulic holder, the PHC-S Hydro Chuck. Buy one and get the second holder for 50% off - good for all quantities!

As reviews in Cutting Tool Engineering and other major manufacturing magazines have stated, the PHC-S holder solves many of the issues associated with machining in tight spaces. By bringing together the slim body normally associated with shrink fit with the precision and vibration-dampening of a hydraulic clamping system, the PHC-S provides a compelling alternative to shrink fit machining.

Setup is quick and easy, requiring only a one-handed hex wrench. Downtime is minimized, and the risk of burn injuries is eliminated entirely. An electro-magnetic rustproof coating, unique to NT products, ensures that the holders maintain their 3 micron accuracy throughout their life.

For further details, including shank types and chucking ranges, please see the PDF below, or contact NT USA directly.

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